Unbreakable by Janet Jackson



Took me ages but I’m back with that album review. This is my first album review so bear with me.

So Janet Jackson is back with a new album! Has much changed? Not really but we love it anyway. We still wanna dance with BURNITUP! which features Missy Elliot, and we still wanna change the world with her on Dream Maker/Euphoria.

Take Me Away makes me want to dance and float away, at the same time. Could be the lyrics or that sweet pop feeling, I don’t know. I like that it sounds innocent, like a first love. Makes me think that she still believes in finding the one or being with the one, seeing as though she’s married (again).

The track that has me fangirling so much is No Sleeep (no, that’s not a typo, it’s really spelt like that), which features J. Cole. This song makes me nostalgic due to the melody and the beat which reminds me of late ’90s/early ’00s RnB, not to mention the video in which she does a little tribute to her late brother, Michael Jackson-rest in peace. In fact, the whole song could be a tribute to her past. Maybe. Look into it. Here’s the video

Hurry up and go get it! It was released in October 2015, so you can get on iTunes and Google Play. This review is a little late but I found out about it just recently. So, how did I do? Seriously, leave some comments below and let me know. Thanks